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Главная » ОБРАБОТКА ВИДЕО » Serif MoviePlus X6 v8.0.1.18 - редактирования видео, запись на DVD или Blu-ray диски
Serif MoviePlus X6 v8.0.1.18 - редактирования видео, запись на DVD или Blu-ray диски
Serif MoviePlus X6 v8.0.1.18 - редактирования видео, запись на DVD или Blu-ray диски

Serif MoviePlus X6 v8.0.1.18 - редактирования видео, запись на DVD или Blu-ray диски

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Serif MoviePlus X6 - является мощным цифровым решением для редактирования видео с помощью простых в использовании инструментов и потрясающих эффектов студийного качества. Производите профессиональные фильмы и записывайте результат на DVD или Blu-ray ™ диски, или загрузите в сеть, чтобы поделиться с друзьями, семьей или целым миром. Serif MoviePlus это система нелинейного монтажа, созданная Serif, которая позволяет и профессиональным и домашним пользователям редактировать цифровое видео и цифровые изображения.

Serif MoviePlus X6 - is a powerful digital solution for video editing with easy-to-use tools and stunning studio-quality effects. Produce professional movies and burn to DVD or Blu-ray ™ discs, or upload to the web to share with friends, family or the whole world. Serif MoviePlus a non-linear editing system created by Serif, which allows both professional and home users to edit digital video and digital images.

Edit movies easily

Two editing modes, Storyboard and Timeline, offer easy and advanced approaches to movie-making. Storyboard mode is an easy-to-use workspace for visualising scenes, great for producing simple projects and slideshows, while Timeline mode offers advanced control and precision, allowing media to be arranged over unlimited tracks.

If you haven’t edited videos before, the all new QuickMovie Studio in MoviePlus makes it simple to create themed video projects – complete with titles, effects, and transitions – without needing any video editing knowledge or experience.

The improved screen layout streamlines the creation process so even large projects are simple to make. On-screen help, tutorials and step-by-step instructions provide you with professional tips, tricks and techniques to ensure you’re never without guidance.

End-to-end HD

Enjoy your memories in the highest quality when you import, edit and export HD video. MoviePlus X6 supports AVCHD™and HDV™formats, and works great with full HD 1080, 50p and 60p recordings.

Editing HD footage, even on older PCs, is not a struggle thanks to quick proxy file generation and smart management of background tasks. When editing HD video, MoviePlus X6 creates a lower resolution ‘proxy’ copy of the video for you to edit. Proxy files are much faster than HD files and require less of your computer’s resources. Video quality isn’t compromised because MoviePlus will still export your project using the original HD files to give you the best possible results.

Burn your HD movies straight to Blu-ray Disc or DVD. If you want to share HD videos online, simply upload them directly to YouTube or Facebook straight from MoviePlus.

Use powerful tools

Trim videos without deleting any part of your source video files, and accurately change video and audio properties with keyframeable effects, transitions, adjustments and much more.

Complex productions may need video, audio and effects tracks, often on a single timeline. MoviePlus X6 gives you an unlimited amount of tracks on the timeline so you can add as many elements as you want to your movie.

Add effects to entire tracks, or groups of tracks, easily. Produce professional picture-in-picture effects or tile multiple videos together to show additional visuals in one dynamic scene.

Enjoy a rich cinematic experience with a range of effects and adjustments to enhance audio in your movie, including support for Dolby® Digital Stereo.

Add stylish effects

Add over 100 effects, such as old film or romantic diffuse glow, to enhance your videos. MoviePlus X6 also gives you over 80 customisable transitions that will impress viewers, including cross-fade, blur, and new 3D rotation.

Put your actors onto any background with quality chroma keying (green screening) and add captions, titles and credits with a variety of professional text styles. Bring words to life using animation presets and superimpose any transparent image onto your videos.

Adjust lighting and colour balance, improve clarity, enhance vibrancy and much more in your movies and still images. You can also reduce video noise, remove unwanted camera movements and make many other improvements, all within MoviePlus X6.

Make your own Blu-ray Discs and DVDs

Burn your movies direct to Blu-ray Disc, DVD, VCD and SVCD, and create ISOs, all with MoviePlus X6 – no other software is required!

Give Blu-ray Discs and DVDs a navigable, animated menu. Choose from an impressive range of highly-customisable and stylish templates or create one from scratch using your own background.

Viewers can easily jump to any scene in your movie. Video thumbnails provide a link to chapter markers and scene shortcuts so you can preview a scene before selection.

MoviePlus X6 is is the only software you need to create professional-quality Blu-ray Discs and DVDs.

Share your memories

Exporting your movies to any media, file or device is quick and easy. MoviePlus supports popular export formats including MP4, AVI, WMV, MPG and QuickTime MOV, and can help you optimise videos to get the highest quality in the smallest file size.

With preset options in place, you can export videos for playback on popular hardware devices like iPads, iPhones, iPods, PSPs and smartphones, or share them online easily via YouTube and Facebook – directly from MoviePlus X6.

MoviePlus X6 supports all common video file formats from camcorders, pocket cams, digital cameras, mobile phones and many other devices. And if you want to change a movie file type, from AVI to MP4 for example, the new Video File Converter can do it for you. It can even convert whole folders of movies in one go.


The amazing and easy-to-use MoviePlus X6 makes creating, editing, and sharing videos simple so you don’t need to be an expert to create a great movie.

Easily import video files from any device or anywhere on your home network. Powerful, yet easy-to-use, editing tools and effects help you to create the movie you want. New features, like QuickMovie, allow you to work faster and smarter than before so you can create great movies in no time. And once you’ve made your movie, it’s simple to share it with friends and family on a disc or online.

Whether you are looking for a quick and easy way to edit home movies or a powerful tool to produce professional-quality films, MoviePlus X6 can help you to do it.

Основные возможности Serif MoviePlus X6:
-Импорт видео-материалов из любых источников
-Режим редактирования методом «перетаскивания» (drag-and-drop) для начинающих
-Временная шкала с неограниченным количеством видео-дорожек для опытных пользователей
-Более 200 потрясающих видеоэффектов и переходов
-Снижение "шумов" и программная стабилизация изображения
-Экспорт видео для iPod, iPad и PSP, а также его оптимизация для YouTube™
-Запись дисков Blu-ray™ или DVD непосредственно из MoviePlus — вам не потребуются никакие дополнительные программы

Год выпуска: 2012
Язык Интерфейса: Английский
Платформа/ОС: Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Активация: присутствует /не требуется
Размер: 1.52 GB

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Serif MoviePlus X6 v8.0.1.18 - редактирования видео, запись на DVD или Blu-ray диски:

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